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3rd March 2016

Tom Balmer

"You can't be sad when riding a bike".

I am starting to question this statement already and I am only 2 months away from a 130km ride across the bonnie braes of Scotland. To introduce myself, my name's Tom, I work in sales in the city (London), and my relationship with a bike has never really gone further than a leisurely amble to the shops down the road. It's safe to say that the Marie Curie Etape... 

15th February 2016

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24th April 2016

Ronnie Kimmel 

“Cycling for Mary”

Hello. My name's Ronnie Kimmel, I live in Leven in Fife and I'm writing this blog as I've signed up to participate in the Marie Curie Etape Caledonia this May.

So why does a relatively unfit, overweight guy fast approaching (certainly faster than I'm likely to be cycling) his 60th birthday with very limited cycling experience decide to sign up for an 81 mile cycle ride through the mountains of Perthshire? Simple really: Mary Moodie.